Blue Cat Bistro

“Great place, nice spot for a party, just make sure you call ahead for a reservation on the weekend. I love the Pasta Mediterranean.”

~ Rick Oglichech

“My girlfriends and I have our girls night out there. We love the place. The waitresses are real sweethearts and they are real accommodating. I love all the menu and they are really good about menu substitutions.”

~ Sarah Gimble

“Great food, I love the bar, I think the bourbon wings are the best I’ve ever had.”

~ James Montigne

“My friends told me about The Blue Cat and I found it a little hard to believe. I mean a city style bistro in rural Vermont serving such a hip menu, I was a skeptic. But I have to say, wow. Just check it out. It’s a little small but it’s like walking into another world. The food was delicious, reasonably priced and my kids are still talking about the place with the shooting stars.”

~ Terry Greene

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